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Kahlúa Is Giving Away A Share Of 10,000 Martinis-In-A-Can And You'll Want To Nab At Least A Few

Here's an excellent reason to have your friends over immediately.

If your go-to-for-good-times drink happens to be the classic espresso martini, you'll want to toast to this news: Kahlúa has created bar-quality espresso martinis in a convenient can that you can enjoy whenever, wherever.

And Kahlúa truly do mean whenever. So much so, they're giving you the chance to win a share of over 10,000 espresso martinis-in-a-can — so that you'll always have an espresso martini on hand.

After all, it's never not the right time for an espresso martini — they're invaluable when you've hit a wall. Or, you know, just want to liven up brunch a bit.

But what's super important when it comes to a perfectly sippable espresso martini is the coffee liqueur that gets added — and for that, nothing but Kahlúa will do.

Mercifully, the espresso martini in a can that the masterminds at Kahlúa have created doesn't require any additional steps or finishing touches. Which means effortless indulgence at the crack of a can lid.

Imagine grabbing a can straight from the fridge and sipping on your fave cocktail seconds later?

Or hosting a party and flexing your bartending skills by somehow being able to "shake up" perfect espresso martini after perfect espresso martini.

To be able to whip one of these out at a barbie, picnic, or party — really, wherever we happen to be — is akin to Christmas coming early.

For the easiest espresso martini you'll ever "make" with no compromise on flavour, Kahlúa has you covered.

Enter the giveaway here for a chance to win a share of 10,000 Kahlúa espresso martinis. Cheers to that!

Always drink responsibly. 18+ only.