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    23 Things You’ll Want Really Badly If Your Favourite Aesthetic Is Rainbow

    I’m sorry I’m weak for all the colour.

    1. This rainbow table light that comes with a holder base and is just what you need to add a little personality to your desk - ₹799

    A rainbow-shaped and coloured neon lamp kept on a table

    2. This holographic backpack with geometrical designs that changes colours depending on the intensity of light and is both elegant and gorgeous - ₹2,399

    3. These rainbow slip-ons, need I say more? - ₹280 - ₹299

    A pair of feet in the slip-ons with the backdrop of the sea.

    4. This Redragon gaming keyboard with rainbow-coloured backlit keys that will elevate your typing and gaming experience - ₹2,299

    5. This rainbow LED night light that’ll make those late work nights a little bit more cheerful - ₹499

    Rainbow light with two smiling clouds at each end.

    6. Or this warm neon wall light that you can hang above your bed or on your wall - ₹999

    Light in the shape of a rainbow.

    7. This light rainbow pouch that is perfect for storing makeup and cosmetics, or to organise your art and stationery items in one place - ₹487

    Pouch with cosmetic items spilling out.

    8. This rainbow print canvas bag that is eco-friendly and has plenty of space for all the stuff that you just *need* to carry around everywhere - ₹320

    9. This cool and edgy multipurpose pouch with rainbow zippers running diagonally along it and monster eyes to complete the look - ₹799

    10. This rainbow umbrella because spotting rainbows doesn’t have to be so rare if you try hard enough to beat nature - ₹465

    11. This set of 100 colourful strings that are perfect for easy DIY or embroidery projects - ₹270

    12. This pack of 10 rainbow scratch sheets that reveal a colourful surprise when you doodle on them - ₹668

    Scratch sheets with various designs on them, such as flowers, a cat, text saying “best friends”.

    13. Or this pack of 100 scratch notes that come with 2 wooden styluses to help you jot down quick notes in rainbow - ₹499

    Scratch notes with text and designs on them.

    14. These multicolour string curtains that will give your space a more elegant look by dividing it into sections without making it look cramped - ₹261

    15. This set of 280 thumb pins in 6 different colours and shapes that are actually directly proportional to my adulting skills - ₹2,054

    Thumb pins in green, purple, light green, pink, blue, and red.

    16. This rainbow wall decal that you can stick to glass, walls, or whatever surface you think deserves a splash of colour - ₹239

    Rainbow decal with clouds and the sun, attached to a glass wall beside a pool.

    17. This 12-inch multicolour clock that might give you a tiny bit of calm even when you’re behind on deadlines - ₹629

    18. This printed piano doormat with multicoloured keys that will satiate your need for some colour without overdoing it - ₹899

    A pair of feet standing in front of the mat.

    19. Or this welcome mat that looks… vaguely threatening, actually - ₹899

    Mat with various colours running down from above, spelling out “Welcome”.

    20. This gorgeous chiffon maxi dress with a summery rainbow print - ₹850

    21. These knee-high striped socks because, obviously I’m not leaving this list incomplete like that - ₹349

    22. This black top with rainbow linings at the sleeves and the collar - ₹299 - ₹319

    23. And finally, the star of the show, this set of 7 types of black and rainbow polyhedral dice that are actually the most beautiful things I’ve seen in my life, please excuse me while I ignore my wallet wincing and add them to cart - ₹4,182

    Dice kept on crumpled newspaper.