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    17 Things You Probably Don't Need In Your Home Office But Will Really Appreciate

    Sometimes we buy things because we just want them, okay?

    1. This adjustable standing desk with wheels that can be swivelled 360° and is the perfect multifunction desk if you're the type who moves a lot while working - ₹1,799

    2. This gel-based orthopaedic seat cushion for your office chair that’ll save your poor butt from your working habits - ₹599

    3. This wireless keyboard and mouse combo, with a keyboard that features various multimedia hotkeys, a palm rest, and adjustable tilted legs to make your work life so much better - ₹3,495

    4. This portable reclining zero gravity chair that you can carry around your home whenever you need a change of scenery while working - ₹3,899

    5. This magnetic dry-erase whiteboard that'll make virtual brainstorming sessions just as fun as they were at the office, and also provide you a space to get your ideas out - ₹929

    6. Or this innovative 2x3 ft. roll of stain-proof whiteboard film that you can stick virtually anywhere to make the best use of your space where bulky whiteboards won’t fit or even on your desk - ₹2,202

    7. This aluminium mobile stand for your desk that is designed to simultaneously charge your phone while using it handsfree for your work call (or just to keep it in sight while pretending to pay attention) - ₹149

    8. This self-watering indoor plant that will bring some freshness to your office without the added responsibility - ₹345

    9. These marble sticky notes that'll make your workspace a little more beautiful and aesthetic - ₹199

    10. These utterly adorable cat paperclips that will make that stack of documents piling up on your desk feel much less ominous - ₹259

    11. These fancy and satisfying marble paperweights that will make you feel a little more in control of your life - ₹500

    Hexagonal paper weights

    12. This adjustable footrest with a textured surface which you can place under your desk to massage your soles, and a free-floating design that allows you to easily stretch your legs - ₹2,630

    13. This frustratingly cute Pinocchio pencil sharpener that will make you smile really wide every time you go to sharpen your pencil - ₹649

    14. This pack of 40 dual-tip highlighter pens that'll help you become organised and efficient. Plus, it might just make note-taking and dealing with your everyday schedule a bit more fun - ₹1,699

    15. This file organiser that'll help you keep your papers and important documents sorted, so your desk can actually be available for you to work - ₹1,699

    Files arranged neatly in the organiser. It's kept next to a laptop.

    16. This handy label maker to help you channel your inner Monica Geller and take your organisational skills to the next level, from assignments and files to drawers and more - ₹3,320

    17. And finally, this sleek cable organiser you can attach virtually anywhere to free up space and manage your many cords - ₹349