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    17 Things You’ll Love If You Want To Explore Your Artsy Side A Little More

    There’s an artist in all of us.

    1. An A2-size sketchbook that you can carry with you all the time for impromptu sketching, especially when travelling to scenic places worth appreciating - ₹395

    2. Or this pair of A5 sketchbooks if you want something a little smaller that you can slip in your bag or purse - ₹219

    A drawing of a goat-like creature.

    3. This book of lovely, calming Mandala designs that you can colour in and even tear off to decorate your spaces with - ₹129

    4. This extendable drawing sheet tube that you can use to carry around precious rolls of drawings and sketches with the delicacy they deserve - ₹520

    Tube with a sheet falling out of it, placed above a sketch.

    5. This complete sketching kit that includes drawing pencils, charcoal, graphite, sketchpad, sharpener, sandpaper and anything you could possibly want, in one portable carry case - ₹1,299

    6. This A2-size drawing board if you’re the type who loves the freedom of working on loose sheets and ambitious projects - ₹650

    7. And this set of 12 unbreakable drawing board clips to help you arrange and hold down your paper as you like, without being affected by little things like wind and the like - ₹128

    8. This pack of 48 watercolour pencils that will help make painting both easier and so much more fun - ₹1,609

    9. This Camel fixative spray that will help you give a smooth colourless finish to your drawing and preserve colour for various types of art - ₹250

    10. This pack of 60 dual tip markers that come with a colourless blender pen and are what you need for everything from highlighting to sketching - ₹2,499

    11. This easel stand that comes with a carry bag, so you can take your art to wherever inspiration strikes you - ₹799

    12. This 20-pack of gorgeous gel pens that are water-resistant and fade proof. It includes 7 white pens, 3 gold pens, 3 silver pens, and a pen each for pink, orange, yellow, purple, blue, green, purple, and black colours - ₹749

    A notebook with black pages filled with colourful drawings created with the gel pens.

    13. This set of 100 colourful strings that are perfect for easy DIY or embroidery projects - ₹270

    14. These gorgeous wooden butterfly buttons you can use for all your artsy endeavours - ₹252

    15. These drawing sheets that reveal a colourful surprise when you doodle on them with the provided wooden stylus - ₹600

    16. This spray paint to create art on your vehicles and make them stand out from the crowd - ₹245

    17. And finally, this easy-to-use 3D printer so you can go wild with your ideas and designs - ₹15,700

    A cat figure created with the 3D printer.