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    17 Incredibly Useful Products That Might Cost Big Bucks Now But Future-You Will Be Grateful For

    Actual investments you’ll probably be proud of yourself for getting your hands on.

    1. This vacuum cleaning robot that has to be from the future, with its smart app functionality, multiple cleaning modes, self-charging, Alexa compatibility, anti-collision system, and general helpfulness in your busy life - ₹12,400

    A hand holding a phone in front of the frame while setting the vacuum robot’s schedule, which is visible in the background.

    2. This Logitech HD webcam with widescreen calling, light colour correction, and a built-in noise-reducing mic to make virtual meetings and calls easier, because that’s the world we live in for the foreseeable future - ₹2,049

    3. These quality Sony WF-XB700 Truly Wireless earphones that have over 4600 5-star ratings and will help soothe the music lover in you in your daily life without having to constantly replace your earphones - ₹7,990

    4. This awesome 120W car power inverter for power, charging, and rapid data transfer that is compatible with phones, tablets, pen drives, SD cards, and more - ₹5,999

    Inverter attached to laptop, USB, SD card, etc.

    5. This JBL Bluetooth speaker that is IPX7 waterproof, offers 12 hours of playtime, and a 360-degree LED lightshow that is absolutely what you need when you have guests over (or just want to dance the night away alone in your room) - ₹14,999

    People partying while holding the speakers in their hand.

    6. This angled laptop riser that’ll make working just super comfortable no matter what kind of work environment (or not) you’re dealing with - ₹4,099

    A person typing on a wireless keyboard with their laptop on the riser in front of them.

    7. This heated straightening brush with thermoprotect technology and will help you get naturally straightened hair quickly and easily - ₹2,644

    Alia Bhatt using the brush on her hair.

    8. This 4-in-1 ice-cream machine that will make all your dreams come true by whipping up ice cream, sorbet, slush, and frozen yoghurt for you whenever your heart desires - ₹3,873

    Image of the ice cream machine, surrounded by images of ice cream, yoghurt, etc.

    9. This digital door lock with security options like fingerprint scanning, mobile application, RFID card, pin password, and even a key - ₹8,300

    Lock attached to a door.

    10. An actual dishwasher with in-built heater and an adjustable upper shelf that can fit up to 96 vessels and will make dishwashing duty so much easier - ₹21,990

    Dishwasher kept in the kitchen with utensils inside.

    11. This Philips wake-up light that offers personalisable light settings and will make for a pleasant wake up call far removed from your usual phone alarm, with both sound and light increasing gradually for a gentle awakening - ₹11,700

    A person laying down and smiling with the light on their bedside table.

    12. This foldable treadmill and desk walking pad that is probably one of the best investments you'll ever make if you work at home and find yourself pressed for dedicated time to maintain your physical health - ₹22,999

    A person using the treadmill in front of their TV.

    13. This erasable and reusable e-writer that will quickly become your everyday note-taking and scheduling solution with its convenient templates, easy-to-erase surface, and a semi-transparent LCD screen that allows you to easily trace over words and drawings - ₹6,395

    14. This handheld steamer that might seem costly but has saved multiple lives from creased garments when they're rushing out in a hurry - ₹4,950

    A person steaming their dress that’s hanging from a hanger.

    15. This serving trolley that I'm convinced is the only proper way to serve guests, and comes with free furniture assembly - ₹8,015

    16. This smart indoor security camera and hub that comes with features like 1080p FHD camera, two-way communication, person detection, face recognition, built-in Alexa, and so much more to help you protect your home from intruders - ₹9,990

    17. And finally, this luxurious bathtub caddy tray with space for your mobile or tablet, wine glass, a book, bath essentials, and whatever snacks you want to spoil yourself in the bath with while you binge on your favourite book or movie - ₹8,902