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    24 Products That’ll Solve Problems You Probably Didn’t Even Realise You Had

    You’ll be like, “I could’ve been living like this?”

    1. This Logitech HD webcam with widescreen calling, light colour correction, and a built-in noise-reducing mic to make virtual meetings and calls easier, because that’s the world we live in for the foreseeable future - ₹3,110

    2. This French Press coffee maker with a 4-level filtration system that you'll love if you're a little bit of a coffee snob – ₹1,599

    Image describing the four steps for filtration.

    3. This Belgian waffle maker that will help you with your random cravings for some yummy Nutella-covered waffles at any time of the day - ₹1,399

    4. This pocket-sized portable projector with an integrated JBL speaker that you can keep with you always to turn any place into a cinema hall, even with just your phone or a dongle - ₹21,999

    5. This 1.5 GB external hard drive to keep all your important files and data backed-up and protected - ₹3,999

    Hard drive connected to a laptop.

    6. This handheld steamer that might seem costly but has saved multiple lives from creased garments when they're rushing out in a hurry - ₹4,399

    A person removing creases from a dress with the steamer.

    7. This paper and credit card shredder to help you with your monthly task of decluttering your workspace and mind of all the useless papers and documents piling up on your desk - ₹3,499

    8. This desk mug warmer that will be your partner in all your troubled times while you try to make all those deadlines, especially if you're like me and keep forgetting you made another cup of coffee - ₹3,921

    Mug kept on the device beside an open book on a desk.

    9. This smart indoor security camera and hub that comes with features like 1080p FHD camera, two-way communication, person detection, face recognition, built-in Alexa, and so much more to help you protect your home from intruders - ₹6,990

    Security camera setting off an alarm to alert about an intruder at night.

    10. This Mi LED smart bulb that will light up your home and set the mood exactly as you need it, without having to move an inch - ₹1,299

    11. This vacuum cleaning robot that has to be from the future, with its smart app functionality, auto mode cleaning and charging, Alexa compatibility, and general helpfulness in your busy life - ₹12,400

    Vacuum cleaning robot can be scheduled through the mobile app.

    12. This body fat and composition scale that tells you 13 essential measurements of your body, which you can monitor through a handy smartphone app - ₹6,640

    13. This Alexa-compatible universal remote that will make controlling all your devices from one place so much easier - ₹1,490

    A remote kept on the unit below a television, controlled by a mobile app.

    14. This Echo Show 8 with an 8-inch HD screen and stereo sound that is the perfect way to both control your smart home and entertain yourself throughout the day - ₹7,999

    Two people entering their home, commanding the device to switch on the geyser.

    15. This digital door lock with security options like fingerprint scanning, mobile application, RFID card, pin password, and even a key - ₹8,300

    16. This all-new Amazon Fire Stick you can use to convert any TV into a smart TV with just a HDMI device and a remote - ₹3,999

    17. This awesome 200W car power inverter with 4 USB and 2 AC ports that can be simultaneously used for phones, tablets, string lights, DVD players, gaming consoles, even CPAP machines and more - ₹2,499

    18. This luxurious bathtub caddy tray with space for your mobile or tablet, wine glass, a book, bath essentials, and whatever snacks you want to spoil yourself in the bath with while you binge on your favourite book or movie - ₹8,356

    Bath caddy set up over a bathtub and a person standing beside it in a bathrobe.

    19. This Kindle to help you get your fix of all the books you need to catch up on but can't go around carrying heavy books - ₹7,999

    A person reading on their Kindle with their legs up on the railing of their balcony.

    20. This fleece blanket robe with sleeves that's the best way to snuggle in with a good book - ₹4,254

    A person sitting on a sofa and reading while wearing the blanket robe.

    21. A 25000 mAh waterproof portable power bank with 4 solar panels, dual output ports, and best of all, fast charging - ₹8,198

    22. An ergonomic office chair that's also a yoga ball and will help you with the back problems that come from sitting for 8 hours a day - ₹14,961

    A person stretching at their desk while sitting on the ball chair.

    23. This thin and portable colour scanner that comes with a scan-to-cloud software so you don't have to make do with taking pictures of documents or having to buy bulky scanners anymore - ₹5,790

    24. And finally, this foldable treadmill and desk walking pad that is probably one of the best investments you'll ever make if you work at home and find yourself pressed for time in your busy life to dedicate to maintaining your physical health - ₹23,999

    A person walking on the walking pad in front of their standing desk and working.