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    17 Things To Make Your At-Home Aquarium The Best Damn Home For Your Fish

    Guests might say you’re fishing for compliments, but it’s all to be a responsible fish parent, okay?

    1. This noiseless air pump that comes with 2 air outlets, an air stone, a controller, and 2-metre air tubing that is perfect for both fresh and saltwater, and is the perfect way to get oxygen to your fishies - ₹869

    2. These beautifully designed stone bridge miniatures to make the underwater residence in your home even more magical - ₹345

    3. These artificial floating rocks with moss to make your aquarium look like actual seascape - ₹399

    Floating rocks in an empty tank with other rocks and pebbles.

    4. This sea-saw fish tank ornament that'll gently rock back and forth with the force of the bubbles - ₹174

    Sea saw ornament in the design of a boat, with two people sitting on either side and facing outwards - one of them holding a fishing rod.

    5. This miniature tree that will pretty up your fishes' home and give them some places to hang around in - ₹449

    Miniature tree placed inside a fish tank.

    6. Or these colourful artificial plants might suit your fancy instead. They come in a pack of 10 - ₹199

    7. This authentic driftwood that will make your fishes feel a little more at home - ₹988

    8. This stainless steel heater that'll help you keep your fishes in a comfortable environment and temperature during colder months - ₹939

    9. If you're really committed to making your aquarium the best ever, these live plants are the perfect addition - ₹999

    10. And these 2 to 6-inch volcano rocks are a must for any self-respecting fish tank owner - ₹300

    Black volcanic rocks held in a hand.

    11. These artificial glowing jellyfishes that will add some colour and life to your tank - ₹299

    12. This underwater bubbling volcano with LED lights that will light up your aquarium like no other - ₹429

    Volcano lamp placed inside a fish tank, with smaller images on the top showing the various colours of the LED lights.

    13. This green fish net to help you easily catch both the floating debris and the crafty fishes to keep your tank safe, clean, and healthy - ₹399

    14. This 5-in-1 cleaning kit that includes tools like algae knife, gravel rake, plant fork, and more, and will help you take proper care of your fishes and their home - ₹569

    15. This siphon pipe that'll help you quickly and easily change the water and clean the gravel in your fish tank without much fuss - ₹220

    A person changing the water in the tank using the pump.

    16. This pack of plant fertilisers and nutrients to keep the underwater plant life healthy and perfect for your friends in the water - ₹350

    17. And finally, this pack of 5-in-1 test strips for your aquarium water to make sure it's nice and safe for your fish - ₹1,960