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    17 Things That You Need If You Wanna Explore Your DIY Side

    Free time on your hands? Not on my watch!

    1. Make your own dream catchers with this DIY kit - ₹599

    2. This DIY tray and coaster kit that you can paint and decorate however you want to create your own personalised set - ₹501

    3. This handy book of 24 designs you can create with string art - ₹1,734

    4. Speaking of string art, here's a set of 100 colourful strings that are perfect for easy DIY or embroidery projects - ₹280

    5. Or upgrade your style with 10 metres of these waterproof string fairy lights to make your designs even more shiny - ₹495

    6. A must-have for any DIY project, get this glue gun for all your arts and crafts needs - ₹735

    7. This super easy bracelet maker that will help you add a bit more complexity to your bracelets, but without all that extra hard work - ₹3,599

    8. These gorgeous wooden butterfly buttons you can use for all your artsy endeavours - ₹299

    9. Get these blank rectangular wooden tags to create plaques, signs, cards, and more - ₹221

    10. This modge podge glue bottle that works on everything from wood to glass to fabric, helping you protect your decoupage projects and give them a glossy finish - ₹150

    11. This multipurpose engraver pen you can use on almost any surface to write quotes, create designs, or anything your heart desires - ₹229

    12. These pack of 10 drawing sheets that reveal a colourful surprise when you doodle on them - ₹675

    13. Create art on your vehicles with this spray paint to make your bikes or cars stand out from the crowd - ₹245

    14. Get this super cute Kodak instant print camera to print out pictures for your photo wall or scrapbook instantly and on-the-go - ₹7,299

    15. This wall hanging decor piece you can design yourself - ₹449

    16. This candle-making kit to create your own candles at home - ₹599

    17. And finally, this easy-to-use 3D printer that might feel like a bit too much to spend at once but will let you go wild with your ideas and designs - ₹18,411