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    14 Cleaning And Organising Products Monica Geller Would Love

    I KNOW!! These are all so cool!

    1. This incredibly satisfying wiper that is the perfect assistant for your cleaning impulses - ₹139

    2. And these microfibre gloves that will pretty much make your day with how much more fun they make regular dusting or washing - ₹270

    3. These magnetic white board sheets for daily planning that will feed your overly organised soul - ₹399

    4. This expanding folder that was pretty much made for the planning-obsessed Monicas of the world - ₹499

    5. A planner journal to properly map out exactly how you're going to take over the world - ₹249

    6. And these stickers for your journal to help you do your weekly planning colourfully and in style - ₹394

    7. This Lifestraw water bottle that is also a portable water filter to help keep you and your friends hydrated at all times - ₹1,650

    8. This drawer organiser you need if you love keeping things separate, tidy, and exactly where they should be - ₹279

    9. This Hippo collapsible cube that, aside from being the cutest thing on the planet, is also a great way to store and organise all your excess stuff that you just don't wanna throw out - ₹2,556

    10. This coat rack that you can place in your bedroom to plan out your outfits well in advance, because we all know how you hate being late - ₹999

    11. This stand for your cupboards to help you reach all those things you store in the back and organise your space a little better - ₹495

    12. This wire bin to save you from the horror of having a messy bedside or workspace from all the cables and wires - ₹550

    13. These packing cubes that come in 4 sizes to help you pack properly and efficiently, just like Monica would - ₹1,029

    14. And finally, these reusable waterproof chalkboard labels that will instantly elevate your organisational game and soothe your heart with all the satisfying labelling you got done - ₹85

    What are you waiting for? Get these in your cart and go live your best life as a Monica double!