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    21 Things People Who Are Constantly Tired Understand

    "Hitting the snooze button is my greatest talent."

    1. Getting up in the morning is the most difficult thing in the world.

    2. You wake up and you're already planning when you can nap later in the day.

    3. Caffeine does not give you energy, it only keeps you from falling asleep.

    4. You've slept on the couch multiple times because you're too tired to attempt the stairs.

    5. You have the rare talent of being able to fall asleep anywhere.

    6. You get a full eight hours of sleep and you still wake up exhausted and non-functioning.

    7. The alarm clock is your actual enemy...

    8. ...and you press the snooze button a minimum of ten times every morning.

    9. Your motto is, "I'm just gonna lay down for a few minutes."

    10. You promise yourself you're going to bed early, but you NEVER do.

    11. You make plans to get up early and get things done, but it NEVER happens.

    12. Sometimes you're so tired that you miss your mouth when you're trying to drink.

    13. Oversleeping happens WAY too often in your life.

    14. Watching a movie is really just an invitation to take a nap.

    15. For you, showers aren't a place to get clean...they're where you go to completely zone out and day dream.

    16. Instead of going out on the weekend, you sleep as much as possible.

    17. Your bed is your absolute BEST FRIEND.

    18. Exercise never happens because existing in the universe is exhausting enough.

    19. So even though some people might mistake your sleepiness for rudeness...

    20. ...and the only thing that gets you through the day is knowing you can go home to your bed...

    21. least cats understand what it's like to be perpetually tired.