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27 Times Dogs Were Truly The Best Kind Of Friends

Dogs are the best. No lie.

1. When this big ball of fluff gave his human a huge hug.

2. And when these two cuddled up to watch a movie together.

3. When these buddies shared during snack time.

4. When these two crossed species barriers.

5. And when this duo cuddled up for a best friends snuggle session.

6. When these buddies accompanied each other on every adventure.

7. And when this teeny ball of fluff was the best car seat buddy ever.

8. When this dude doubled as a blanket for his human.

9. When this ball of fluff struck a pose for the cutest picture ever.

10. And when these two became the CUTEST BEST FRIENDS IN EXISTENCE.

11. When this guy found that the best kind of friends are the most unlikely.

12. And when this girl was the best babysitter in the world.

13. When this dog accepted a cute raccoon into his friend group.

14. When this guy was always there to ~lend a paw~.

15. When these two spent Friday night in so they could warm up their tootsies.

16. When this girl found an adorable piggie and became fast friends with her.

17. When this guy proved that dogs are happy to snuggle up anywhere, as long as they're with their best bud.

18. When this girl gave the world's warmest welcome.

19. When these two were the cutest pair of all.

20. And when this guy watched over his little one at the park.

21. When these puppies staged an attack so this guy would have the best day ever.

22. And when this girl helped her best bud finish up his coloring book.

23. When this girl waited for the ice cream man with her little sister.

24. And when this puppy put a smile on the face of everyone with her speckled belly.

25. When this guy gave the world's biggest and best kiss.

26. When this fluffball comforted his human after a hard day.

27. And finally, when this handsome guy was simply the best dog ever.