19 Gifts Your Dog Gives You Every Day

    Christmas doesn't even need to come for you to get presents!

    1. No matter what, you always have a smiling face to greet you every morning.

    2. Your dog is your loyal sidekick who will stick with you during everything, no matter how rough it gets...

    3. ...and sometimes, he'll even lead the way when you're feeling too down.

    4. Your pup appreciates every little thing you do for her, and shows you by returning your love in immeasurable amounts.

    5. He's your best bud who's always down for any adventure, no matter how silly it may seem.

    6. You know you're always missed whenever you have to go.

    7. But you can count on your dog to give you the best greeting when you get home and it's GUARANTEED to put a smile on your face.

    8. Even on the most hectic day, their sweet little face can calm your heart.

    9. And somehow, they always know when something is wrong and do their best to comfort you.

    10. He's always down to have a good time and play with you...

    11. ...but he'll never deny a good snuggle session too.

    12. She'll never judge you for how many episodes of Netflix you watch, as long as you watch them together.

    13. And she doesn't care how much of a mess you are when you wake up in the morning, as long as you promise her some breakfast snackies.

    14. Your dog understands that on some days life can get a little messy, and that's OK with her.

    15. You can eat as many snacks as you want in front of him, and the only thing he'll do is cheer you on! (And maybe beg for a little bite.)

    16. Your dog sees and loves every little thing about you...

    17. ...and she'll always accept you just the way you are.

    18. No matter what's happening in life, you know your dog loves nothing more than being right by your side.

    19. Through the best days and the worst days, your best pal loves you unconditionally and that's the best gift anyone could ever receive.

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