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17 Reasons Skunks Are The Cutest Animals To Ever Exist

They're just too adorable! Remember to always be skunsponsible.

1. They are the cutest little snackers ever.

2. Just look at this little orphaned baby wild skunk with the cutest nose.

Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Edmonton / Via

3. They are the most adorable nappers in the world!

Photo Credit: fieldsbh via Compfight cc


Photo Credit: via Compfight cc

5. Has drinking from a bottle EVER looked this adorable before?!

Photo Credit: via Compfight cc

6. We can't forget Stunky, the skunk who sports a onesie...

7. ...her cuteness is UNBEATABLE.

8. Their wrinkly little faces are extremely squishable.

Photo Credit: PDXdj via Compfight cc

9. They're also the most adorable playmates.

10. They have the sweetest eyes...

11. ...and they're the most huggable cuties in the world.

12. They are EXPERT snugglers...

13. ...just check out this guy who takes snuggling to the next level of cute!

14. Yep, there's absolutely nothing cuter than skunk cuddles. NOTHING.

15. They even manage to make waking up look cute!

16. Their fluffiness just makes them EVEN MORE adorable.

17. This pretty girl makes adventuring a million times cuter.

Keep doing your thing, skunks! You're SUPER ADORABLE.

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