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    A Definitive Ranking Of The Cutest Baby Animals

    It's almost impossible to figure out who the cutest is.

    37. Raccoons

    Cute factor: They may be little troublemakers, but that bandit mask is pretty cute.

    36. Llamas

    Flickr: tambako

    Cute factor: Okay, all that fuzz makes llamas pretty darn adorable. Plus, look at those snugglin' skills.

    35. Goats

    Cute factor: Goats aren't super cuddly...but those adorable ears make up for it.

    34. Opossums

    Flickr: maryellen

    Cute factor: Maybe you can't snuggle up in bed with one of these little dudes, but those pink noses are still pretty damn cute.

    33. Skunks

    Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Edmonton / Via

    Cute factor: These guys might get a little stinky from time to time, but that can be excused because...just look at that face!

    32. Miniature Horses

    Cute factor: Baby horses are adorable, so when you make them miniature...well then their level of cute automatically doubles.

    31. Lions

    Getty Images/iStockphoto SigridKlop

    Cute factor: Can't cuddle these wild critters but that doesn't take away from their undeniable cuteness!

    30. Ducklings

    Flickr: 75894308@N03

    Cute factor: These quackers are the real champions of fuzziness. Plus, THOSE FEET.

    29. Deer

    Photo Credit: cranrob via Compfight cc

    Cute factor: Fawns are cute to begin with, but when they get those lil white spots...oh man, then they just take adorable to the next level.

    28. Gorillas

    Flickr: patries71

    Cute factor: Just look at how snuggly and peaceful this cutie is. TOO SWEET.

    27. Beavers

    Cute factor: Baby beavers are the definitely one of the cutest woodland critters out there. Those tails are totally SQUEE-WORTHY.

    26. Chipmunks

    Cute factor: Adult chipmunks are already extremely adorable, which means their babies can only be INFINITELY cuter.

    25. Turtles

    Photo Credit: heathzib via Compfight cc

    Cute factor: Smallness is directly related to cuteness, and that means this tortoise is REALLY freakin' cute.

    24. Chinchillas

    Flickr: benseese

    Cute factor: Chinchillas are tiny AND fluffy--which means they pretty much have it all.

    23. Chicks

    Cute factor: There's really nothing more huggable than these chirping little balls of fluff. SO CUTE.

    22. Sloths

    Photo Credit: ndanger via Compfight cc

    Cute factor: Sloths are one of the most lovable creatures on the clearly the world will NEVER be able to handle the cuteness of their babies.

    21. Wombats

    Flickr: shami_chatterjee


    20. Sheep

    Cute factor: So cuddly. So fuzzy. SO CUTE.

    19. Bunnies

    Flickr: julochka

    Cute factor: Must kiss the button nose. Must. Kiss. It.

    18. Red Pandas

    Flickr: 24813095@N00

    Cute factor: That fluffy tail doubles their level of cuddliness--plus, THE POINTY EARS. SO CUTE.

    17. Kangaroos

    Photo Credit: enjosmith via Compfight cc

    Cute factor: Who can deny a teeny joey peering out of a teeny pouch?! NO ONE.

    16. Cows

    Cute factor: Baby cows are the SWEETEST little cuties around. BONUS: ADORABLE MOO.

    15. Squirrels

    Photo Credit: (Alex) via Compfight cc

    Cute factor: These clever cuties have THE MOST kissable toes in the entire world. SQUEEEEE.

    14. Hedgehogs

    Flickr: khl

    Cute factor: It's a known fact, hedgehogs have the BEST smiles ever. It's impossible to look at them without feeling all fuzzy inside.

    13. Harp seals

    Getty Images/iStockphoto zanskar

    Cute factor: Harp seals are the puppies of the sea, which also means they are the reigning champions of ALL THINGS fuzzy and adorable.

    12. Platypus

    Flickr: landlearnnsw


    11. Penguins

    Flickr: marthaenpiet

    Cute factor: Tiny woddling nuggets of adorable fuzz. IT WILL NEVER GET CUTER THAN THIS.

    10. Koalas

    Flickr: 24256658@N06

    Cute factor: But can we all just have one chance to give a baby koala a piggy back ride? PLEASE. WE NEED IT.

    9. Fennec Fox

    Flickr: inertiacreeps

    Cute factor: These whiskers have reached a level of cute that could take over the ENTIRE world. BONUS: DOBBY EARS.

    8. Giraffe

    Photo Credit: JessicaOndrejicka via Compfight cc

    Cute factor: This face. Is the sweetest face. That will ever exist. NEVER LOOKING AWAY.

    7. Elephant

    Getty Images/iStockphoto gnomeandi

    Cute factor: Miniature trunk. Miniature smile. HAVING HEART PALPATIONS INDUCED BY BABY ELEPHANT CUTENESS.

    6. Piglets

    Getty Images/Zoonar RF Zoonar RF

    Cute factor: It is a FACT that a piglet snort is the most gloriously adorable sound that will ever tickle your eardrum. E V E R.

    5. Polar bears

    Flickr: trasroid


    4. Pandas

    Flickr: nathaninsandiego

    Cute factor: The paws. The teeny ear fluffs. The eye mask. CUTE OVERDOSE. CANNOT HANDLE IT.

    3. Kittens

    Cute factor: Kittens are the heroes of cuddles and kings of cute so basically EVERYBODY in the universe needs one in their lives. BONUS: ADORABLE MINI MEOWS.

    2. Puppies

    Cute factor: It's absolutely impossible to not be filled with joy and fuzzy warmth when you see a puppy. They're loving, they're loyal, and most of all...THEY'RE FREAKIN' ADORABLE.

    1. Otters

    Cute factor: Otters are in their own league ENTIRELY when it comes to cuteness. They have the cutest, fuzzy little faces IN THE WORLD. BONUS: They have the most adorable animal trait. Otters hold hands while they sleep so they don't float away from each other. SQUEE.

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