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    27 Puppies Who Are Too Fluffy For Their Own Good

    Warning: Extreme cuteness ahead.

    1. This little guy who is shocked to find out he's gonna get even fluffier once he grows up.

    2. And this dude who might have the most HUGGABLE FUZZY FACE in the entire world.

    3. This little lady who would be the ultimate fluffy snuggle buddy.

    4. And this wrinkled guy who knows bath time is a lil' harder when you've got so much hair.

    5. This ball of fuzz who is sporting a little smile.

    6. And this cutie who can't wait to ~feel the breeze~ in his luscious locks.

    7. This guy who spent all morning brushing his wild mane.

    8. And this fluffy dude who loves letting his fluff bask in the sun.

    9. This girl who always makes sure to keep her lil' bangs trimmed.

    10. This little guy who wants to kiss you and tickle you with his fluffy nose.

    11. And this one who doesn't mind the cold because LOOK AT THE FLUFF.

    12. This puppy who's exhausted from giving everyone fluffy puppy hugs.

    13. And this one who just got his fluff freshly trimmed.

    14. This very proud ball of fuzz.

    15. And this lady who's smiling because she knows she has the ~fanciest fuzz~.

    16. This flirt who likes to show off his lil' white fluffy toes.

    17. And this one who has yet to realize how adorable his fuzzy face is.

    18. This cutie who doesn't understand why everyone keeps kissing his fluffy nose.

    19. And this lil' guy who's tuckered out from being so freakin' adorable.

    20. This fluffy dude who's SO READY for fun.

    21. And this one who uses his cute fuzz to get himself a couple extra snackies.

    22. This baby who's ready to give out a hug to anyone who needs a fuzzy pick-me-up.

    23. And this fancy lady who knows that fluffy pups have more fun.

    24. This lil' guy who just wants to brighten your day with his fuzzy face.

    25. And this one who loves to ~pose for the camera~ so he can show off his handsome fluff.

    26. This adventurous ball of fluff.

    27. And finally, this super happy fuzzball who just wants you to have THE GREATEST DAY EVER.

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