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    19 Super Adorable Puppies On Their Very First Day At The Vet

    Trying to figure out how to live that puppy life.

    1. "All these humans walkin' around in white coats have got me feelin' a lil' nervous, mom."

    2. "At least I get my very own chair while I wait for the doc!"


    4. "What the heck are we doing here? I thought this was the SCHOOL BUS."

    5. "OK, bud, gotta put your brave face on and you'll be fine!"

    Marc Lang

    6. "You told me we were going to the toy store. This doesn't look like the toy store."

    7. "Ummm...heh...whatcha got there?"

    8. "I'm only here because you promised I would get a new squeaky toy out of this."

    9. "I'm tryin' to be brave but I need a lil' moral support please!"

    10. "If I don't make eye contact with him he cannot see me."

    11. "Ummm...did I just hear you say I have to wear a cone? On my HEAD?"

    12. " I doing it right?"

    13. "Haha, nice try. There is no way you're getting me in there. Not even with bacon."

    14. "Dad, promise you'll hold my paw when the doc comes in."

    15. "Sooo...did the doctor say that all my wrinkles are in the right spots?"

    16. "My ears flop down like this when I get real nervous."

    17. "If I give you my best puppy dog eyes, will you PLEASE take me home??"

    18. "Gonna need to cling to your head till this is all over, Dad."

    19. "All maybe this place isn't so bad."

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