What It’s Like To Be Single, According To Cute Rats

“I’m actually pretty content with my snacks.”

1. The single life can get kinda lonely…

2. …so finally, you decide you’re gonna join OkCupid for the seventh time.

“I’ll definitely find love this time around!”

3. Until that creepy person inevitably messages you…

4. …and you once again decide to give up on online dating forever.

“Please hide me.”

5. Then you get all dressed up to go out one night, you know you’re lookin’ super adorable…

6. …and you see an extremely cute person.

“Uh, hi.”

7. But obviously, he starts macking on another babe.

8. And you’re all like…

9. Everyone on your news feed starts changing their relationship status to “married”…

10. …and they also start posting pictures of their adorable new baby.

11. And you’re just sitting at home like…

“I’m actually pretty content with my snacks.”

12. You spend your weekends binge watching Netflix.

“I am completely exhausted from nothing.”

13. Then you finally meet that person who you think you have a chance with, and you’re like…

15. You have several hundred existential crises.

“Am I really hungry for a second dinner, or am I just bored?”

16. Sometimes, you get REALLY lonely…

17. …and all you want is someone to snuggle with.

18. But then you remember that you don’t need anyone to confirm how awesome you are!

19. So you’re just gonna chill out with your best friends and do you…

20. …because you know you’re super cute!

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