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17 Cats Who Actually Love Being In The Water

Important cats defying stereotypes.

1. "Ahh, a teeny little shower every morning is the best way to start the day."

2. "If I stare at the magic shiny water maker for long enough, it eventually goes on."


4. "Don't even need a rubber ducky to make bath time fun. It's a blast when I'm all by myself."

5. "A cozy bath with my best buddy... NOTHIN' BETTER."

6. "Ah yes, sweet sink faucet. It was love at first lick."

7. "Can we keep this thing on ALL day?"

8. "Why are you looking at me like that? I'm just a cat trying to enjoy a nice little swim."

9. "After a hard day at the office my personal Jacuzzi is the only place I can wind down."

10. "Nemo takes baths with me now which clearly means I have the most fun out of EVERYONE."

11. "Uh, Mom, a little privacy? This is my personal hygiene time after all."

12. "What are you looking at? JUST A CAT LOVIN' ON HIS FAUCET, NOTHING TO SEE HERE."

13. "This is where I get all of my thinking done — there's nothing more relaxing."

14. "My paws are PERFECT for popping bubbles."

15. "Can we hop in yet, Mom?!"

16. "This bath isn't big enough for the two of us, human."

17. "Whoever said cats don't like water clearly never met ME."

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