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    Dec 19, 2014

    The Top 12 Absolutely Adorable Pets Of The Week

    The submissions from this week's Cute or Not contest were the cutest of the cute. Don't forget to submit your own pet and vote!

    12. Wallace, the most snuggly Scottish terrier in existence.

    Secret to extreme cuteness: Letting his mustache grow out just enough so it tickles a bit when he gives you kisses.

    Favorite activity: Listening to music boxes and munching on candy corn.

    11. Nomad, the rescue dog who's an EXPERT at napping.

    Secret to extreme cuteness: During every snuggle session he's guaranteed to be the big spoon; he'll even cuddle you with his little paws.

    Favorite activity: Messing up the bed right after it's made. Gotta have a cozy snuggle nest if you're gonna nap all day!

    10. Syri, the adorable and festive hamster.

    Secret to extreme cuteness: Whisker twitches and teeny paws. Her flawless hamster wardrobe is not to be forgotten.

    Favorite activity: Nibbling on the corners of wrapped Christmas presents to peek at what's inside.

    9. Elsa, Sweden's cutest Jack Russell.

    Secret to extreme cuteness: Elsa spent the last five years perfecting her puppy dog eyes and now she can get ANY treat she wants every time she uses them.

    Favorite activity: Hiding the remote from dad so he can't turn Animal Planet off.

    8. Marlow, the fluffiest little dude in all the land.

    Secret to extreme cuteness: Intensely practicing yoga so he can perfect his obscure sitting positions.

    Favorite activity: Playing fetch with crumpled receipts.

    7. Nancy, the most fabulous Frenchie in Frenchie history.

    Secret to extreme cuteness: Blowing kisses to everyone, but never without a little ~sass~.

    Favorite activity: Stealing socks from the clean pile of laundry and NEVER RETURNING THEM.

    6. Toaster, the most dapper little dude ever.

    Secret to extreme cuteness: Always wears a bow tie at all times; being classy is his greatest talent.

    Favorite activity: Investigating new smells and biting on his dad's toes.

    5. Knives, the cutest little lap dog on Earth!

    Secret to extreme cuteness: She can make one ear stand up straight if she's in the mood to turn her cute meter up all the way.

    Favorite activity: Cuddling in EVERY form.

    4. Shandy, the loveliest Christmas kitty.

    Secret to extreme cuteness: All of Shandy's cute secrets are hidden in her extraordinary fluff.

    Favorite activity: Booping her human on the nose with her fluffy paws.

    3. Chumley, the unimpressed but extraordinarily cute puppy.

    Secret to extreme cuteness: Wagging his tail at record-breaking speeds.

    Favorite activity: Plotting to destroy all vacuum cleaners.

    2. Albert, the world's prettiest kitty!

    Secret to extreme cuteness: Albert gives award-winning eskimo kisses with his adorable nose.

    Favorite activity: Knitting fancy Christmas sweaters with his human.

    1. And finally, Jessie, the spunkiest Chiweenie the world has ever seen.

    Secret to extreme cuteness: Sticking her tongue out a teeny bit when she's napping.

    Favorite activity: Burying her bones in the couch where NO ONE WILL EVER FIND THEM.

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