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13 Important Halloween Tips From Your Adorable Pets

The submissions from this week's Cute or Not were super cute and they had some extremely important Halloween advice. Don't forget to submit your own pet and vote!

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1. "Make sure you rest up so you can be all REVVED up for Halloween!" - Zeusifer Jones

2. "And a super yummy breakfast is essential, too!" -- Easton

3. "Then grab your best bud and get the ~festivities~ going!" -- Johnny Cash & Harley Quinn

4. "The only thing more important than wearing your costume is wearing your SMILE." -- Brady

5. "Things can get a little crazy on Halloween, so make sure you keep your cool." -- Kodi

6. "It can be pretty fun to dress up with your best friend, too!" -- Pete & Tally

7. "Make sure to decorate your house with your very favorite pumpkin!" -- Charlie

8. "And don't be afraid to flaunt your inner ~princess~." -- Diamond

9. "Maybe even get a little whimsical!" -- Remy

10. "Get a comfy pair of shoes so you can trick or treat at as many houses as possible!" -- Bentley

11. "And if you practice your puppy dog eyes, you might even get a little extra candy." -- Scout

12. "So throw up your paws and get the party GOING." -- Destiny

13. "But always first!" -- Bella

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