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18 Friday Struggles As Told By Cats

That Friday struggle.

1. When your alarm goes off and you're forced to emerge from the blankets:

2. And you hit snooze twelve hundred times and go back to sleep:

3. When you're too tired to care how you look:

4. Then when you wake up a bit more and realize you look like a full-on mess:

5. When you begin questioning your ability to be a functioning human being:

6. When somebody tries to chat with you before you've had your coffee:

7. Because the only thing that that will possibly get you through the day is a steady stream of caffeine:

8. When that one person won't shut up about the big date night they have planned for the weekend:

9. When you still have 5 hours left in the day and you genuinely don't think you're going to make it:

10. But you give a valiant effort to power through the exhaustion:

11. Then you start giving up a little:

12. Then you give up completely:

13. And somebody starts making small talk but you're too tired to even pretend to care:

14. When you envision having big plans for the weekend:

15. But your reality is this:

16. And Netflix:

17. Which will be followed up by this:

18. And finally, when you remember that tomorrow you don't have to set the alarm clock:

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