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    19 Ways To Appropriately Respond To Someone Who Cheats On You

    "Did you say something? I'm too busy moving on with my life to care."

    1. When they say it was a "one time thing."

    "And it will remain a one time thing because I'm done with you."

    2. When they try to make it seem like it's YOUR FAULT.

    "You're seriously not going to mess with me."

    3. And then when they try to make it seem like it's the OTHER PERSON'S FAULT.

    "And now I will take advantage of this opportunity to leave you."

    4. When they promise they still love you more than anyone else.

    5. When they think it's OK because they still came home to you.

    "HAHAHAHAHAHA LMAO you'll never come home to me after this."

    6. When they try to pretend it didn't even happen.

    Facebook: jonetch

    "You're simultaneously insulting my intelligence AND lying to me right now."

    7. When they swear they were thinking of you the whole time.

    "I'm just gonna leave this look on my face right here."

    8. When they think showering you with compliments will make up for cheating.

    "Please, stop."

    9. When they try to justify their actions with a million terrible excuses.

    "I'm sorry, I got really bored because you weren't saying anything important."

    10. When they swear they learned their lesson.

    "I've been sitting here trying to find a crap to give but...nope, got nothing."

    11. When they say it's not what it looks like.

    "Oh, let me get my glasses so I can see you cheat on me in detail."

    12. When they swear that one person is "just a friend."

    13. When they promise they were just working late and their cell phone died again.

    14. When they say they didn't mean to hurt you.


    15. When they ask for one last chance.

    Photo Credit: Doinky Doodles! via Compfight cc

    "Do you realize how boring and pathetic you sound right now?"

    16. When they swear you can trust them.

    "Let me think about"

    17. When they leave you to be with the person they cheated with.

    "Sorry, did you say something? I'm too busy moving on with my life to care."

    18. When they inevitably regret everything and try to come back to you.

    "I don't have time for this."

    19. But the most important thing to say is...


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