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21 Overly Adorable Vines To Brighten Your Day

Prepare to feel all fuzzy inside.

1. This lil' pit bull puppy who lost his voice.

2. And this teeny piggy who just loves getting her belly scratched.

3. This loaf of bread.

4. And this chatty baby goat.

5. This snorter who saved the world with her cuteness just by frolicking.

6. These cozy cuddlers who are having the most squee-worthy snuggle session ever.

7. And this basketball star who is an inspiration to EVERYONE.

8. These cats who double as Swiffers.

9. And this pug puppy who's ready to take you down with his cuteness.

10. This Chihuahua who knows exactly how you feel when you're trying to get out of bed in the morning.

11. And this lamb who should just win every cute award on Earth.

12. This kitten who has the most adorable bedtime routine ever.

13. And this pug who understands how you feel every Monday morning.

14. This baby raccoon who is trying to find a new use for goldfish crackers.

15. And this teeny puppy who is very well-mannered.

16. These very important life savers.

17. And this sheep who really knows how to make you feel loved.

18. This baby howling for the first time.

19. And this corgi puppy who CAN'T EVEN handle the staircase right now.

20. This enthusiastic road tripper.

21. And finally, these pups who TOTALLY know what's up.

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