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27 Animals Who Are Totally Ready For Their New Year's Kiss

Midnight is almost here!

1. These two crushes who are total first-timers.

2. This pup who is ready to cross species barriers with his kissing abilities.

3. These gentle kissers who appreciate a good whisker tickle as well.

4. This cautious duo who is ready to end the cat vs. dog argument for good.

5. These two fluffballs who are prepared to share a little teeny kiss when the ball drops.

6. And this dude who needs to practice his aim before 2015 arrives.

7. This girl who really appreciates a good surprise smooch.

8. And this one who is just always ready to ~pucker up~.

9. These lovers who accompany their kisses with a small boop.

10. These gentle smoochers who are ready to get their party on.

11. And this guy who still isn't sure about all this kissing stuff.

12. This dude who just wasn't ready for it at all.

13. And this shy duo who just want to blow kisses to each other at midnight.

14. These fluffy duckling lovers who planning on staying in.

15. This nervous pair who has been planning their first kiss since they started dating.

16. This horse who has been practicing his kissing technique all year long.

17. This unlikely couple who is ready to take their romance to the next level.

18. And these two who plan to use the "Spiderman" technique for their midnight kiss.

19. These ~lovebirds~ who might just be the cutest couple of all.

20. And these two who don't mind sharing a smooch while on the go.

21. This guy who is saving his smooches for when the clock strikes midnight.

22. These elephant lovers who never miss an opportunity to give each other a little peck.

23. And these two who appreciate a good dramatic build up before a smooching sesh.

24. These cuties who hold the world record for sharing the gentlest, teeniest kiss in history.

25. And these lovers who CAN'T WAIT for the ball to drop.

26. This couple who has a little more smooching practice to do before the clock strikes midnight.

27. And finally, this pair who is all about sharing those little ~romantic moments~.