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17 Cats Who Are Going To Eat All Of Santa's Cookies

Let's be real, cookies are the best part of Christmas.

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7. "I've never seen anything so beautiful in my entire life."

8. "We're not going to eat them, we're just admiring how pretty they run along, human."

9. "I promise you, not a crumb will be left in this jar come Christmas morning."

10. "If you think your sick joke will keep me from eating these cookies, you're wrong."

11. "Ah yes, the cookie dough now has the perfect circumference to fit in my mouth."

12. "I know it's love because there is drooling coming from my mouth and rumbling in my belly."

13. "I eats all the cookie dough and then I sits in the bowl."

14. "My plan to eat every last one of Santa's cookies is also in progress."

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