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    17 Reasons It's Way Better To Date A Dog Person

    The snuggling skills are incomparable.

    1. Their cuddling abilities are FAR superior.

    2. They understand that life can get a little messy sometimes.

    3. Dog people are extremely patient...

    4. ...and really, really forgiving.

    5. They'll miss you when you're gone, and when you get back they'll always be SUPER happy to see you.

    6. They ROCK because they always find a reason to keep smiling!

    7. Just like their canine sidekicks, they have THE BEST sense of humor!

    8. They're always down for any kind of adventure...

    9. ...but they're also always happy to kick back and relax on the couch.

    10. Dog people are extremely loyal, just like their puppy pals.

    11. And they know how to love unconditionally.

    12. Dog people know how to appreciate the little things in life.

    13. They're great listeners, just like their adorable canine buddies.

    14. Let's not forget their exceptional hugging abilities...

    15. ...and while we're at it, their kissing skills are pretty amazing, too.

    16. They'll be by your side whenever you need them...

    17. ...and just like their fluffy sidekicks, dog people are SUPER CUTE.