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    27 Cats Who Are A Better Human Than You

    Step aside humans.

    1. This cat who is a better listener than any human out there.

    2. This fashionista who knows rolled up sleeves is the only way to rock a long sleeve shirt.

    3. And this cat who is about to offend everyone in this game of Cards Against Humanity.

    4. This lady who somehow made shower caps look cute.

    5. This cat who is the teacher's star pupil.

    6. And this dude who is about to tell the scariest story you've ever heard.

    7. This fancy lady who has her seductive walk perfected.

    8. And this sweetie who gives better hugs than any human there is.

    9. This teeny tiny one who is killing the fashion game.

    10. And this sass queen who has the BEST judging stare there ever was.

    11. This little one who just wants to be painted like one of your French girls.

    12. And this cat who knows exactly how you feel in high heels.

    13. This gentleman who is a better dinner date than any human ever.

    14. And this dweeb who understands the importance of bagels.

    15. This guy who knows what it feels like when you wake up in the wrong bed.

    16. This cat who hosts a better cuddle puddle than anyone.

    17. And this one who's the best babysitter you could ask for.

    18. This cat who never forgets to tell his best friend how much he loves him.

    19. And this adventurer who is the most responsible driver on the road.

    20. This dude who really knows how to get a party started.

    21. And this ninja who understands the importance of snack time.

    22. This cat who is about to own everyone in this poker game.

    23. This patient guy who doesn't mind offering a shoulder (or a belly) to lean on.

    24. This polite sir who has exquisite table manners.

    25. This dude who always plays Monopoly to the very end.

    26. This tiny little hand holder.

    27. And finally, this cat an actual human...except way cuter.

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