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    Here Are The Superlatives For The Rescue Dogs Of Puppy Bowl XV

    Spoiler alert: They're all the cutest.

    In the interest of outshining organized sports as we know it, puppies across the globe assembled once again to put on arguably the cutest Puppy Bowl to date.

    Without further adieu, here are the faces of all the rescue puppies who napped, peed, and tumbled their way through the Puppy Bowl and into their forever homes.

    Most Likely To Cheer You Up If You're Having A Bad Day

    Kaelin Tully

    Moses / Big Fluffy Dogs Rescue, TN

    Most Likely To Hear A Food Wrapper Crinkling

    Natalie Ullman

    Eloise / Shih Tzu Furbaby Rescue, GA

    Most Likely To Win Your Heart

    Kaelin Tully, Natalie Ullman

    Clara / Florida Little Dog Rescue, FL

    Most Likely To Be Mistaken For A Little Old Man

    Kaelin Tully

    Benny / Animal Aid, Inc., FLA

    Most Likely To Fall Asleep On You So You Can Never Move Again

    Natalie Ullman

    Bee / The Sato Project, PR

    Most Likely To Have Her Cheeks Squished

    Kaelin Tully

    Lola / Florida Little Dog Rescue, FL

    Most Likely To Use Her Cuteness To Get Out Of Trouble

    Kaelin Tully, Natalie Ullman

    Maisey / Jersey Girl Animal Rescue, NJ

    Most Likely To Be Picked Up And Never Put Down

    Natalie Ullman

    Scout / Danbury Animal Welfare Society, CT

    Most Likely To Be Scritched

    Natalie Ullman

    Firework / South Suburban Humane Society, IL

    Most Likely To Make A Mess And Not Feel Bad About It

    Natalie Ullman, Kaelin Tully

    Smokey Blue / Pack Leaders Rescue of CT, CT

    Most Likely To Make You Gasp And Cry From Cuteness

    Natalie Ullman

    Goose / East Greenwich Animal Protection League, RI

    Best Blep

    Natalie Ullman

    Fern / Shaggy Dog Rescue, TX

    Most Likely To Invade Your Personal Space

    Natalie Ullman

    Patti / Florida Little Dogs Rescue, FL

    Most Likely To Trick You Into Giving Him A Belly Rub

    Natalie Ullman

    Walnut / Danbury Animal Welfare Society, CT

    Most Likely To Get Away With Anything

    Natalie Ullman

    June/ Providence Animal Center, PA

    Most Impressive Floof

    Natalie Ullman

    Bennett / Nevada SPCA, NV

    You can catch all these cuties in Puppy Bowl XV airing Sunday February 3rd at 3PM ET/12PM PT on Animal Planet.

    Kaelin Tully, Natalie Ullman

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