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17 Cats Who Are Totally Sick Of Your Games

"You think this is a game? Because it's not."

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1. "I am embarrassed to even breathe the same air as you."

2. "Just need to clean myself real quick, started feeling a lil vile just by being in your presence."

3. "LOL. Very cute that you thought it was OK to pet me."

4. "I can't even look at you you disgust me."


5. "Dangle that goddamn mouse toy in front of my face one more time."

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6. "I'm gonna need you to stay three feet away from me at all times."

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7. "You thought it was real cute to pet me so I thought it was real cute to pee all over your bed."

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8. "Wake me up from my nap ONE MORE TIME and see what happens."

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9. "You make me sick."

10. "Fresh air and sunlight disgust me."

11. "Very funny that you think you can use my personal heating pad as a place to do your work. LMAO. ROTFL."

12. "When I squint like this I can see how vile you are."


13. "Haha so very adorable that you dressed me up in this pretty ribbon. Now get away from me."

14. "Oh let me get that thing right there on your face. Nevermind, I forgot you're just nasty."

15. "Just looking at you is painful for me."

16. "Do you think this is a game? Because it's not."

17. "This is hell."