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17 Dogs Who Can't Read

They can't read.

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1. "You gave me this book and you seem to have forgotten that I can't read."

2. "Haha, nice to meet you, what the hell is this."

3. "I don't care about words."

4. "This is a very nice paw rest and I still don't know how to read."

5. "You're not gonna ask me to open it, right?"

6. "We have no idea what the hell you are reading right now."

7. "This is a very nice blanket I found."

8. "You can put glasses on me and I still won't know how to read."

9. "Very nice. Get the picture so the joke can be over please."

10. "I don't know what this place is because I can't read."

11. "Soooooo....what do you expect me to do with this?"

12. "Feeling like there a joke going on here that I'm not in on."

13. "Children, you keep asking me to read you a bedtime story but there's one problem...I can't read."

14. "You think this is a game?"

15. "It looks like I'm doing it but I'm really not."

CGozdur, Fat Foot Films

16. "Haha, I better be getting a treat out of this."

17. "And as you can see right here on this page, it says 'I can't read.'"

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