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Posted on Dec 17, 2014

The 50 Cutest Things That Happened This Year

2014 might have been the cutest year of all.

1. Harlow and Indiana got a new baby sister named Reese.

2. This little girl snuck her cow into the house and the universe's cutest snuggle session commenced.

Billie jo decker / Via
Billie jo decker / Via

3. Boots the Hurricane Katrina survivor became a nanny for orphaned kittens.

4. Leo the paralyzed dog got a second chance at life.

5. K-9 Lacey the bloodhound puppy started her new job at the NNPD.

6. Barry the pug took the cutest bath the world has ever seen.

7. Luna the sea otter pup was rescued and began rehabilitation at Shedd Aquarium.

Photo credit: ©Shedd Aquarium/Brenna Hernandez / Via Facebook: sheddaquarium

8. Keelo and Koda became the best of friends.

9. Munchkin the Shih Tzu proved to everyone that teddy bears can come to life.

10. Snooty the manatee celebrated his 66th birthday, making him the oldest manatee in the world.

11. Eisleigh and Clyde proved that they're the cutest best friends around.

12. Mango and Lucy were the most adorable partners in crime.


13. Buddy the dog taught his baby sister how to crawl.

14. The world was introduced to the cutest duo of all, Iris Grace and Thula the cat.

15. This dog got a lift from his loving human after hurting his foot.

16. Pippa the hedgehog celebrated her six-month anniversary with Earth.

17. This dog kept a close eye on the baby while their parents were out.

18. Mitzy the cat visited her human while she was recovering.

19. This little girl discovered that she could hug a dog.

20. Tally the husky shocked the world with her cuteness after being raised by cats.

She even mastered her CAT POSE.

21. This sweet giraffe used her cuteness to make someone's day.

22. These two buddies crossed some species barriers to become friends.

23. The world discovered that Puss in Boots exists IRL.

24. This cat accidentally turned himself green but ended up looking SUPER CUTE anyway.


25. Oliver and Arashi took friendship to the next level of adorable.

26. Pudding the fox found a forever home at the National Fox Welfare Society because she is too friendly to be released back into the wild.

27. Bear the rescue dog found a forever home and a forever best friend.

28. These besties spent some real quality time together.

29. These two teamed up to create the cutest game of "Simon Says" to ever exist.

30. And these buddies showed everyone that cows can be cuddly too.

31. This fawn found out that dogs aren't only man's best friend.

32. This service puppy in training fell asleep on the job.

33. This cat met his baby brother for the first time and thought it was the best thing EVER.

34. This dog was the greatest best man of 2014.

35. The world was introduced to Mia the amazing quokka joey.

Taronga Zoo
Taronga Zoo

36. This puppy in training learned the ropes from his guide dog role model.

37. This adorable baby bat slumber party showed everyone how adorable bats can be.

Jurgen Freund / Caters

38. The world related to this corgi puppy when he fell asleep in his college class.

39. This bulldog puppy learned how to howl and shattered the universe with his cuteness.

View this video on YouTube

40. This police puppy broke the internet when he tried on his future K-9 vest that he doesn't fit into yet.

Jonathan Kozowyk / Via Facebook: mavestadog

41. Charlie the Maltese poodle found a best friend in a little lamb.

42. This amazing hug took place.

43. Peanut the bunny came into existence.

44. Stark the husky puppy found where he belongs.

45. This tiny hamster celebrated Thanksgiving with his friends and some teeny tiny pumpkin pies. fact, his whole year was full of excellent snacking.

46. Bailey the golden retriever became very responsible.

47. This puppy pool party was the cutest event of the summer.

48. Ridgely the puppy had her very first snow day.

49. This squad was the coolest crew to cruise around town.

50. And finally, this teeny piglet frolicked into the hearts of everyone this year.

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