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13 Incredibly Adorable Holiday Tips From Your Cute Pets

The submissions from this week's Cute or Not contest were full of super adorable holiday cheer. Don't forget to submit your own pet and vote!

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1. "Nothing gets the holiday feels flowing quite like some good old CHRISTMAS LIGHTS, AMIRITE?"

2. "Even if you're feeling a little Grinch-y, put a Santa hat on--it'll get you in the holiday spirit REAL quick."

3. "Reindeer antlers should be worn every day starting December 1st. DON'T TAKE 'EM OFF UNTIL CHRISTMAS." -- Weldon

4. "Get your Rudolph nose out and snuggle up on the couch with your favorite holiday movie!" -- Dimsy

5. "Most important, grab your buds and pose for a SUPER CUTE Christmas card." -- Buddy, Mittens, Layla and Riley

6. "If you're gonna go out looking for a tree, make sure you bundle up real good!" -- Gus

7. "Remember that gingerbread men, gingerbread houses, and gingerbread cookies are the MOST important part of the holidays." -- Olive

8. "Make sure your reindeer costume is an actual reindeer before you go to any holiday parties." -- Jordan

9. "And DON'T FALL ASLEEP before leaving Santa his cookies!" -- Holly

10. "Elves are obviously everyone's favorite, so always have your elf hat at the ready to make sure you're looking ~super~ cute." -- Bentley

11. "And obviously, cuddling up by the tree with your favorite person is a MUST." -- Opie and Cooper

12. "Who says mustaches are only for Movember? Grow those beards out and embrace your inner Santa, people!" -- Toby

13. "Follow all these tips and you're sure to be holiday royalty, LIKE ME." -- Franklin

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