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17 Boops For Anyone Who Is A Little Bit Sad

Keep on boopin' in the free world.

1. This extremely gentle boop between two friends.

2. And this double paw boop of enthusiasm.

3. This introductory boop.

4. And this slow and steady boop.

5. This boop that began the cutest friendship of all time.

6. This extremely sleepy nap time boop.

7. And this boop that was accompanied by a puppy mustache tickle.

8. This boop that interrupted park play time.

9. And this boop that made mom proud.

10. This boop between two buddies who hadn't seen each other in way too long.

11. And this very polite boop.

12. This boop that brightened a bulldog's day.

13. This boop that made everyone stop caring about the age-old 'cat or dog' debate.

14. And this quite curious boop.

15. This expert boop that earned a delicious snack.

16. This boop from a first-time booper.

17. And finally, this boop that restored the world's faith in true love.

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