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17 Annoying Things Vegetarians Are Sick Of Hearing

For the last time, meat isn't the only thing that has protein.

1. "So you just eat salad?"

2. "I once went three days without eating meat."


3. "Where do you get your protein from?"

4. "You know being vegetarian is really unhealthy."

I'm really thankful for your professional opinion.

5. "How do you survive without bacon?"

I have cookies.

6. "Can you still eat animal crackers?"

L m a o.

7. "Just eat some meat!"


8. "We were born to be carnivores."

Well being a vegetarian is my choice.

9. "What're you gonna do if I wave this meat in front of your face? LOL"

Chomp on lettuce in your face just like this.

10. "But you're still killing plants."

Please, stop.

11. "You can just peel the pepperoni off of the pizza."

12. "Tofu is disgusting."

Thank you again for your very important opinion.

13. "Want some of my burger? JK I know you don't eat meat."

It's been eight years and this joke still is not funny.

14. "What are you going to eat?"

Gonna chill over here by the bowl of hummus all night, no worries.

15. "You still eat fish, right?"

If I did, I would've told you that I am a pescetarian.

16. "Don't you feel weak all the time?"


17. "So you only eat rabbit food?"

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