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18 Things Every Singer Understands

"I need to sing to stay sane."

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1. The list of things you CAN'T eat and drink is infinitely longer than the list of things you can eat and drink.

"Sorry guys I can't have any dairy, coffee, alcohol, soda, or spicy food so please...go on without me."


7. Tea and water are your absolute best friends.

"I'm not even thirsty but I must. keep. drinking."


12. ...but other days, you throw down at a huge performance and you're like:

"You know what? I'm pretty awesome."


13. Audition day = liquid diet.

"I'm going to get a giant cupcake after this and no one can stop me."

14. The steamer is your friend.

"No, actually it's my best friend."

16. When someone says a line from a song without realizing it and you have to struggle not to sing it.

"The world would be a better place if we all just broke out into song."