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The Top 12 Most Adorable Pets Of The Week

The submissions from this week's Cute or Not contest were overloaded with extreme cuteness. Don't forget to submit your own pet and vote!

12. Pepperoni, the kitten with the world's cutest belly.

11. Kona, the rescue pup who is living her best life.

10. Einstein, the cat with one of the most amazing mustaches in cat history.

9. Duke, the lil pup with a face that you just CANNOT resist.

8. Bruno, the dude who is ALWAYS in on the fashion trends.

7. Ninna, the pretty kitty who EVERYONE wants to cuddle.

6. Ziggy, the handsome guy with the most ~mesmerizing~ eyes.

5. Dexter, the true champion of snuggling.

4. And Gus, the dude who understands that life can get a little messy sometimes.

3. Rupert, the little fluffball who might just be an actual teddy bear in real life.

2. Oliverio, the kitty who's always ready to ~strike a pose~.

1. And finally, Nova, the prettiest little lady who has the most kissable face ON EARTH.