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The Top 12 Most Adorable Pets Of The Week

The submissions from this week's Cute or Not contest were overloaded with extreme cuteness. Don't forget to submit your own pet and vote!

12. Pepperoni, the kitten with the world's cutest belly.


Favorite activity: Snacking and napping, in that order.

11. Kona, the rescue pup who is living her best life.

Cute factor: Can wag her tail at UNIMAGINABLE speeds.

Favorite activity: Well, belly rubs, obviously.

10. Einstein, the cat with one of the most amazing mustaches in cat history.

Cute factor: His lil mustache and teeny white toe beans.

Favorite activity: Waking up his human way before the alarm clock because breakfast is clearly the most important meal of the day.

9. Duke, the lil pup with a face that you just CANNOT resist.

Cute factor: His floppy ears are really guaranteed to make you squee almost every time.

Favorite activity: Barking at his own reflection because he simply cannot believe how cute he is.

8. Bruno, the dude who is ALWAYS in on the fashion trends.

Cute factor: He can rock a pair of hater blockers like no other.

Favorite activity: Bein' a straight up beach babe.

7. Ninna, the pretty kitty who EVERYONE wants to cuddle.

Cute factor: She has the softest kitty paws in all the land.

Favorite activity: Snugglin' up under the covers like a real human, of course!

6. Ziggy, the handsome guy with the most ~mesmerizing~ eyes.

Cute factor: The eyes, the's IMPOSSIBLE to pick one thing.

Favorite activity: He doesn't have too much time for activities because he's very busy being a professional napper.

5. Dexter, the true champion of snuggling.

Cute factor: That lil greyhound snout might be the cutest nose in all of existence.

Favorite activity: Gathering all the blankets in the house and hosting a giant cuddle session.

4. And Gus, the dude who understands that life can get a little messy sometimes.

Cute factor: Gus can roll in as much mud and geese pup as he wants and he STILL has the sweetest face of all time.

Favorite activity: Gettin' real dirty then running around the house and jumping all over the furniture.

3. Rupert, the little fluffball who might just be an actual teddy bear in real life.

Cute factor: All that fluff could warm even the COLDEST heart.

Favorite activity: Hiding in a pile of stuffed animals so nobody can spot him!

2. Oliverio, the kitty who's always ready to ~strike a pose~.

Cute factor: Well, nobody can work the camera better than this little dude.

Favorite activity: Sneaking up on his human and pouncing when she least expects it.

1. And finally, Nova, the prettiest little lady who has the most kissable face ON EARTH.

Cute factor: TWO DIFFERENT COLOR EYES?! Come on, doesn't get cuter than that.

Favorite activity: Chatting with her human through her lil puppy yips and yaps.

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