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26 Dogs Who Mastered The Art Of The Begging Face


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We recently asked subscribers to the BuzzFeed Animals newsletter to submit photos of their super cute pets. And it turns out, these cuties have some of the most adorable begging faces around!

1. "Let me up on the couch just for a minute? I promise I'll be the best snuggle buddy ever."

Courtney Smith

2. "Just oooooone little taste of that sandwich you're eating. JUST ONE."

Erin Toland

3. "I know this is your bed but I'm so cute so you should let me sleep on it."

Lynette Musick

4. "Have you reconsidered handing over that bacon yet?"

Katherine Brown

5. "I'm a growing boy so I NEED to have lots of snackies."

Jessica Grotemeyer

6. "I've never seen anything more beautiful than that biscuit. Now hand it over."

Renee Duncan

7. "I know you have lots of work to do but just come play ONE ROUND of fetch with me."

Lauren Weisse

8. "Your mouth is saying no to sharing your snack with me but I know your heart is saying yes."

Susan Klein

9. "I haven't eaten in a whole hour so I clearly NEED some of your yummy stuff."

Sophie Dutheil

10. "The couch would be much cozier with this fluff up on it...just sayin'."

Tiffany Akins

11. "I'm just going to keep getting closer until you give me some."

Kristen Kapral

12. "I gave you puppy kisses ALL DAY and you can't even spare one bit of bacon for me??"

Elizabeth Neutens

13. "My favorite TV show is on so you HAVE to let me up on the couch now."


14. "You think this is a game? Because it's not. Now give me the snackie."

Crystal Behrends

15. "If you're not gonna share the least you can do is eat somewhere that's not IN FRONT OF ME."

Kristina Smith

16. "You can't resist the power of double puppy dog eyes so just give up now."

Sarah Osborne

17. "Gonna flash you a lil' smile along with my beggin' face 'cause I'm just charming like that."

Alex Lublink

18. "We deserve all the snacks based solely on the fact that we are ADORABLE."

19. "...C'mon."

Tamra Ryan

20. "The sun is out which means you HAVE to come play with me outside."

Paige Souder

21. "Can we please just go to bed already? All I've got is snuggling on my mind."

Myra Scheurer

22. "Gonna share that popcorn you made or will I have to keep staring?"

Stacy Fling

23. "Mom I know you had a long day but let's just play tug-of-war for a liiittle bit."

24. "I know you have leftovers from when you went out to fork 'em over."

Virginia Morgan

25. "I figured if I posed in the cutest position possible you'd be forced into giving me a snack."

Briana Andrews


Sarah Baur

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