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    28 Ways Having A Pet Brightens Your Day

    There's really nothing better.

    We recently asked subscribers to the BuzzFeed Animals newsletter to submit photos of their super cute pets. And it turns out, these cuties are real experts on brightening everyone's day!

    1. You'll never be greeted at the door with a happier face than the one your best bud gives you.

    Remington / Via Sara Davey

    2. Even on your worst day, you'll never feel alone when you can cuddle with your cutie.

    Binx / Via Corbyn & Becky Jones

    3. And falling asleep on the couch by accident is 100% cozier.

    Bill & Bandit

    4. How could anyone have a bad day when you get tickled with whiskers THIS cute?

    Jack & Aaliyah Richards

    5. They always pop up just to remind you that they love you.

    Althea Carly / Via Samantha Rosenbaum

    6. And even when you're super busy, they hang out with you just because they love spending time with you.

    Cher / Via Dana Williams-Johnson

    7. The snuggle sessions are UNMATCHED.

    Domino / Via Darcy Burkholder

    8. They'll find new ways to make you laugh all the time.

    Oscar / Via Lisa Kroin

    9. And your selfies are infinitely cuter with your best buddy around.

    Paddington / Via Alexandra Richards

    10. In return for unconditional love, all they ask for is a little belly rub.

    Teen Wolf / Via Sherry Moore

    11. They'll always be down to go on any kind of adventure with you...

    Lily / Via Myra Scheurer

    12. ...or they'll be happy to chill out and nap if you feel like having a lazy day, too!

    Catherine Piccola

    13. You'll never have to pick crumbs off the floor EVER again.

    Stewie / Via Melissa Maule

    14. And there will always be someone around to keep an eye on you.

    Paçoca Tequila / Via Rafael Oliveira Luna

    15. Waking up in the morning isn't nearly as difficult when you've got a cute face to greet you.

    Lorelai and Sookie / Via Joe Galvan

    16. And no matter how old they are, they always find new ways of showing you they love you.

    Tracy / Via Marta Schmuki

    17. You might not have as much room in bed, but having a snuggle buddy THIS cute is totally worth it.

    Bella / Via Veronika Poniscjakova

    18. And they'll do whatever it takes to stay right by your side all the time.

    Batheray / Via Haley Sargeant


    Sadie / Via Kristine Lee

    20. Rainy days won't be quite as grey when you've got a cute face to brighten your life up.

    Daisy / Via Katherine Wall

    21. And you'll always have a play mate who's down for fun.

    Koala / Via Sally Gallop

    22. They'll do whatever it takes to put a smile on your face...

    Maxx / Via Rikki Stephensen

    23. ...even if it's a bit embarrassing.

    Morgan / Via Debbie West

    24. You always have a trusty co-pilot.

    Angel / Via Cesia Brown

    25. And they know just the right way to cheer you up when you need it.

    Brembo / Via Whitney Samaha

    26. Most of all, you know your bud loves you unconditionally...

    Smee / Via Jamie L

    27. ...and you have a best friend who promises to make your day EVERY DAY.

    Riley / Via Heidi Bokma

    28. There's really nothing better than that!

    Kira and Apple / Via Tran

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