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38 Dogs Who Won 2014

Fact: Dogs are unbeatable.

1. This dog who really made the most of summer.

2. These expert snowmen builders.

3. And this dog who might be your awkward uncle at your family dinner parties.

4. This dog who might just be a horse.

5. And this dog who was the best babysitter of 2014.

6. This dog who achieved the cutest snuggle session ever with this little piglet.

7. These two who claimed the title of cutest best friends ever after taking this picture.

8. This dog who is just having a REALLY good time.

9. And this puppy who had an excellent first year on the job.

10. This family who discovered how cute kittens can be.

11. And this dog who is just plain killing it.

12. This helpful assistant.

13. And this unimpressed dude.


14. This very sweet snuggler.

15. And this dog who was the greatest best man a groom could ask for.

16. This cozy co-pilot.

17. And this EXTREMELY adorable corgi who made Halloween the cutest event of the year.

18. This dog who mastered his selfie face.

19. And this corgi who mastered his suspicious face.

20. This dog who just really wanted to help his human plow the driveway.

21. And Gatsby, who took home the award for cutest Halloween costume.

22. This dog who had no idea what she was doing but didn't let it stop her.

23. And Munchkin the Shih Tzu, who warmed the hearts of everyone with her teddy bear outfit.

24. Jack the Australian cattle dog, who was balancing things on his butt way before Kim Kardashian was.

25. Boots, the dog who survived Hurricane Katrina and now spends his days being a nanny for orphaned kittens.

26. Rosie Pig, the Chihuahua who understands how you feel when you get out of bed every morning.


27. And this pug who understands how you feel at family gatherings.

28. JENNY.

29. This adorable puppy who kick-started the winter in the cutest way.

30. And this dog who outsmarted his human.

31. This dog who taught his baby sister how to crawl.

32. And this corgi who was shooting like Mike back in '92.


33. This Shiba who is the cutest cashier ever.

34. Weezer the pug, who was the champion of snack time.

35. And this patient dog who listened to all of your problems.

36. This pup who was the star pupil of his guide dog school.

37. This golden retriever who everyone can identify with.

38. And finally, everyone's favorite little fluffball...Marnie!


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