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19 Cute Ways The BuzzFeed Animals Newsletter Will Ruin Your Day

Your life will be destroyed forever.

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1. You'll spend way too long wishing these cuties were your best friends.

2. And you might get a little mad when you realize you can't kiss this puppy face right this second.

3. Instead of stopping to smell the flowers, you'll stop to look at the cute animals...

4. ...which means you won't really get any work done.

Braden Duess

5. You might get a little bit angry when you realize you can't snuggle this puppy immediately.

6. And in fact, upon seeing such cute animals, you might run home to hug yours...

7. ... and this puppy does not want to be responsible for you losing your job.

8. You'll probably get a VERY STRONG URGE to get another best friend...

Aartdina Boysen

9. ...or, you know, a lot of best friends.

10. You may develop an extreme case of cute aggression upon seeing this Dracula hedgehog...

11. ...or this happy little kitten.

12. You'll look at your screen and start smiling like a fool, so people may think you're insane...

13. ...and you might even chuckle a little bit because JUST LOOK AT THIS HAPPY GIRL.

14. You don't want this level of joy in your life.

15. You don't want to take a snack break with this little guy.

16. Could you even handle this much cute??

17. This much happiness is too much happiness.

18. This much cute is too much cute.

19. These story time puppies are just WAITING to ruin your day.

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