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17 Tips To Keep Your Pet Safe And Happy This Spring

Happy adventuring!

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1. Make sure your windows have screens in them!

Windows without screens pose a great threat to your pets when they're open, and falls can result in a shattered jaw, punctured lungs, broken bones, or worse.

2. Remember that pets only sweat from their paws.

This is not enough to cool down, so your pup will pant to help reduce his body temperature. On very humid days or in a small space, like a car, panting still isn't enough to cool down your pup--be mindful!


3. Secure your pets with a seatbelt harness or crate when you take them adventuring along with you.

Some dogs like to stick their heads out the window during car rides, and even though this is super fun for your pooch, it's not that safe. Allowing your pet to ride in the bed of a pick up truck or sticking his face out of a moving car window is extremely dangerous.

5. Brush up on what plants in your garden are safe and unsafe for your pet.

Daffodils and tulips are among the plants that can be highly toxic to cats and dogs. Refer to the full list when thinking about starting up your spring garden.

6. Remember to use pet-safe fertilizers and pesticides, too.

These products may be helpful to your garden, but they're really harmful to your pet, so stow them away when not in use and keep your pet out of the garden area altogether.


9. Remember flea and tick prevention, too!

Warm weather adventuring means fleas and ticks might try to become pals with your best buddy, so do your best to protect him! Speak with your vet about flea and tick prevention options.

10. Do not leave your pets in the car, especially on warm days.

Even with the windows down, temperatures inside your car can rise up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit within a few minutes. If you're going to be out and about, just leave your buddies at home where it's cool.


15. Watch out for antifreeze.

Your pet might be tempted to drink from outdoor puddles in the warm weather. Dangerous substances like antifreeze could get into your buddy's system and cause some serious damage, so always keep an eye on your cutie!.

16. Use sunscreen!

Kaelin Tully

If your pet has very light colored hair, or has thin hair around certain areas of her body, lather her up with some sunscreen! Your pet needs protection from the sun just as much as you do!

17. Bring them inside.

Most importantly, keep your pets in the coolest, shadiest, most comfortable spot you can find. Don't leave them outside for too long and exercise your pup responsibly.


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