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17 Things That Happen When You Miss Your Dog While You're At College

Guess it's time to go cry...

1. You learn the hardest part of leaving is saying goodbye to your best buddy.

2. On test days you get pictures from your parents that look like this:

3. Video chatting is the BEST thing...but as soon as you hang up you cry your eyes out because you miss your dog so much.

4. Your dog misses you too and will do anything to be close to you, like sleep on your sweater...

5. ...or snuggle up to the computer after a Skype session.

6. If you see a dog anywhere you get extremely excited and you MUST go pet him...

7. ...but at the same time you get a little sad because you're reminded of how much you miss your own dog.

8. Waking up used to mean cuddles and puppy kisses...now it's just an empty bed that reminds you of dog-less life.

9. Stressful things are EVEN WORSE because you don't have your goofy buddy by your side.

10. You're that one person who shows everyone the three million dog pictures that you have on your phone.

11. You realize that coming home is infinitely better when you have a furry face to greet you.

12. Some people cry over missing their family or significant other...you cry because you miss your dog so much.

13. This is an actual thing you google frequently.

14. You spend a ton of time on the internet looking at pictures of dogs. Like, a ton. Like, your friends have noticed.

15. You've considered getting a cardboard cutout of your dog...or a pillowcase with his face on it...or both.

16. You get REALLY excited about going home because you get to see your best pal.

17. And when you're finally reunited with your pup, it's the absolute BEST feeling in the world!