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    23 Reasons Bernese Mountain Dogs Are The Champions Of Our Hearts

    The fluffiest fluff filled with all the love.

    1. They are the cutest little co-pilots you could ever ask for.

    2. And the proudest parents.

    3. Their little speckled noses are THE MOST KISSABLE.

    4. They're cute puppies and even CUTER grown ups!

    5. They have the biggest, fluffiest puppy paws.

    6. And floppy ears that could warm even the coldest heart.

    7. Not to mention, they have the SWEETEST PUPPY DOG EYES IN EXISTENCE.

    8. They're always down for any kind of adventure.

    9. And they take the cutest family portraits. DOES IT GET MORE ADORABLE THAN THIS?!

    10. A backyard with one of these fluffy cuties in it is easily the best kind of backyard.

    11. And they're always down for a lil' fun play time.

    12. They have the most BEAUTIFUL faces.

    13. And the happiest smiles!

    14. They're professional cuddlers.

    15. And they're not afraid to get a little ~goofy~ every once in a while.

    16. Nobody rocks a fresh haircut better than a Berner!

    17. And their lil' toes could NOT be more kissable.

    18. They're the most loyal best buds.

    19. And they're always there to put a smile on your face.


    21. Most of all, they are the cutest...

    22. ...fluffiest...

    23. ...and sweetest buddies you could ever ask for. GO BERNERS!

    Remember to check out your local shelters and Pet Finder if you're looking for a pal. Tons of cuties are looking for forever homes!

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