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    Heroic Manatee Stood Guard Over Stranded Dog Until Rescuers Came

    A reminder that one moment of kindness can make all the difference. H/T ABC News

    When a pit bull got stuck in the Hillsborough River last weekend, a manatee kept the scared pup company until TPD Marine Patrol could get in and rescue him.

    Facebook: TampaPD

    If you look closely at this photo captured by the Tampa Police Department, you can see the manatee watching over the dog as he tries to climb the makeshift seawall.

    Marine Patrol Officer Randy Lopez used an extension ladder to climb in and reach the pup, named "White Boy." Lopez told ABC News that once he hit the water the manatee gave "one good little flutter with its tail and was on its way."

    The Tampa Police Department wrote, "You don't see that every day, and it's a great reminder... the importance of kindness."

    Although he suffered bug bites and bloody paws, White Boy was in good health when he was reunited with his owners after "all the neighborhood commotion" caught their attention.

    This just goes to show how caring manatees can be. GO MANATEES!

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