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17 Extremely Important Puppy Bellies To Brighten Your Day

Try resisting the cuteness. It's impossible.

1. This Frenchie belly you won't be able to resist rubbing.

2. This snuggly belly that definitely needs a few more treats in it.

3. This extremely sleepy belly.

4. This spotted belly that wins all the awards for cutest belly in the world.

5. This very full and tired belly.

6. This belly that is hiding beneath all the fuzziest fluff.

7. This speckled sleeper.

8. This ITSY BITSY belly.

9. This belly that just wants to kick back and watch some TV.

10. This belly full of fluff and love.

11. This belly that always has room for dessert.

12. This very shy belly.

13. This belly that had a long day.

14. This belly in a real life food coma.

15. This belly that needs a tickle IMMEDIATELY.

16. This belly that loves to bask in the sunlight.

17. And finally, this spotted belly that CHANGED THE WORLD WITH ITS CUTENESS.

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