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27 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith In Rats

These cuties don't get enough credit.

1. This little guy who just woke up from a nap.

2. And this button-nosed cutie.

3. This EXTREMELY adorable cuddle puddle.

4. And these amazing spooning buddies.

5. This lil' sneaky snacker.

6. And this adventurous twosome.

7. This sleepy dude who likes to snuggle up in his human's bed.

8. And this one who just wants to cuddle all day long.

9. These best buddies who spend every second together.


11. This little girl who has the most kissable whiskers.

12. And this teeny tiny sir who's feeling a little shy.

13. And this adorable little cuddlebug.

14. This curious cutie.

15. And this little lady who's sniffing a flower for the very first time.

16. This dude who enjoys a day out at the park more than anyone.

17. And these two who were best friends at first sight.

18. This little girl who just had cozy bath time.


19. And this lil' one who has the CUTEST EARS KNOWN TO MAN.

20. This pretty lady who has the world's sweetest eyes.

21. And this duo who got a little sleepy during snack time.

22. This one who's always on the lookout for a crumb to fall on the ground.

Ethan Kappelmann

23. And this lady who loves to show off her adorable pink nose.

24. This guy who is all about being cozy.

25. This whiskered cutie who understands the importance of a daily nap.

26. This adorable blackberry snacker.

27. And finally, this little girl who is here to prove that rats might be the cutest critters of all time.