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    7 Important Tips To Keep Your Pets Safe This 4th Of July


    1. Keep matches and lighter fluid out of your pet's reach.

    Lighter fluid can cause breathing and digestive problems, as well as skin irritation, so it's best to keep it all out of reach.

    2. Leave your pets home.

    Loud, crowded fireworks displays are extremely stressful on your pet. It's best to keep them in a safe, quiet space at home away from all the activity.

    3. Never use fireworks around your pets.

    Lit fireworks can cause burns, trauma, and serious injury, and even unlit fireworks pose a threat because the toxic substances could be harmful to your buddy. It's best to just keep all the fireworks away from your furry friends.

    4. Keep citronella candles and insect repellent products out of reach.

    If inhaled or ingested, these products can also cause respiratory or digestive issues.

    5. Before the fireworks start, take your dog for a walk.

    A tired dog is a happy dog and she’ll be much more relaxed when the firework festivities start if she gets out all that excess energy.

    6. Keep your pet inside.

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    Make sure your bud is in a safe, secure space where he can't escape. Close off all curtains and windows to keep things as quiet as possible!

    7. Try not to leave your pets alone.

    You're their best buddy and their favorite safety blanket, so be there to comfort them!