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39 Pictures That Will Give You Faith In The World For 2015

Sometimes you need a little cute to get through.

1. This seeing eye puppy who hasn't grown into his harness yet.

2. This cat who accompanies his human whenever he goes for a stroll.

3. This guy who really doesn't want to be interrupted during his favorite TV show.

4. This intimate moment between two best friends.

5. This absolutely flawless Princess Leia.

6. This donkey who actually cracked a smile for this selfie.

7. This frog who is adventuring out on the high seas.

8. This guinea pig who just picked up a new hobby.

9. This cat who is truly sick of your games

10. This kitten who is really proud of the joke he just told.

11. This pup who will stop at nothing to get a chin scratch.

12. This adorable pup who snuck into Ikea by hiding in a pile of stuffed animals.

13. This kitty who has the most kissable little toe beans.

14. These bunk bed buddies.

15. And this puppy who has the most beautiful eyes.

16. This puppy's approach to getting her toy back from her big sister.

17. This cuddle bug snuggling with his favorite stuffed animal.

18. This Guitar Hero champ.

19. This kiss after a long day apart.

20. This puppy who carries his favorite stuffed crocodile EVERYWHERE.

21. This pup greeting her human after he returned from a long deployment to Iraq.

22. This tuckered out dude who just wants to spoon all night.

23. This cat who is very carefully strategizing his next move.

24. This super smiley kitty.

25. This puddle of wrinkles.

26. This puppy in a box who made Christmas morning the cutest event of all time.

27. This girl who is just way too happy about life.

28. These adorable play mates.

29. This little kitty snuggling in her doll bed.

30. This actual teddy bear taking a nap.

31. This fox who LOVES chin scratches more than anything in the entire world.

32. This pocket puppy.

33. And this happily married couple.

34. This dog who might have the best smile the world has ever seen.

35. These best buddies who never leave each other's side.

36. This teeny arctic fox pup.

37. These two who just met but are already falling in love.

38. This dude who is just way too proud of himself.

39. And finally, this little pig who's all ready for winter and lookin' SUPER cute.