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17 Adorable Guide Puppies To Brighten Your Day

This is all the cute you will ever need.

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1. "I never knew the other puppies in my class would be SO CUTE."

2. "Do I look ~snazzy~ in my vest?" / Via Smithtown Guide Dog Foundation

3. "They didn't teach us how to read yet in guide puppy school."

4. "Where's your fancy outfit?!"

5. "Oh jeez, guide puppy school is kinda hard sometimes."

6. "Is this a harness or a pair of pajamas?"

Animal Planet
Animal Planet
Animal Planet

7. "First day of school...kinda nervous about who I'm gonna sit with at lunchtime."

8. "Ready and reporting for duty!"

9. "I know I have an important job but a guy needs to snuggle with his teddy every once in a while."

10. "Do guide puppies get umbrellas? This rain is giving me a bad hair day."

11. "Sooooo...can I chew on this?"

12. "Learned how to sit today...pretty sure I mastered it."

13. "My big brother is teaching me everything I need to know to be the best guide dog EVER."

14. "Nap time is the best part of the day, if I'm being totally honest."

15. "Guide puppy means I get control of the leash, right?!

16. "The teacher said I'm the best puppy in class so hopefully I get a few extra snackies."

17. "Woah, being so cute can really tucker a puppy out!"

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