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21 Important Life Lessons You Can Learn From Elephants

Elephants are one of the world's most brilliant creatures, and we could take a few tips from them.

1. Remember to SMILE.

2. If you find someone you really love, don't let them go.


3. Holding hands (or trunks) is totally underrated.

4. Naps are essential.

5. Every once in a while, everyone needs a good hug.

6. Never underestimate the importance of snacking.

7. Sometimes you just need some quality best friend time to ground you.

8. Snuggling is ABSOLUTELY necessary.

9. Family time is the most important time.

10. Find a way to express yourself.

11. What makes you different is often what makes you extraordinary.

12. Sometimes, you've just gotta cause a big old ruckus.

13. Share your snacks (with your best buddies)!

14. Making a mess can be REALLY FUN (and totally worth it).

15. Sometimes going for a little stroll is all you need to clear your head.

16. Always have each others backs.

17. Even if your goals seem too high to achieve, go for them, you might surprise yourself.

18. It's important to test new waters and try new things...


19. ...but always keep your best friends by your side.

20. If we took a few tips from the elephants, the world would be filled with A LOT more love.